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Pyramid Farm and Ferments operate on a 60-acre farm in the Green Point area of Prince Edward County, Ontario. With its rich history of innovative and fertile farming, the PEC area is ideally suited for all types of agriculture and artisanal food craft.

Pyramid Farm is committed to practicing sustainable, natural and ecological methods of agriculture. We use no harmful inputs, herbicides or pesticides and follow organic methods of farming.

On our farm, we grow many types of vegetables, both for transforming into our delicious ferments and to sell farm fresh. We strive to keep things as local as possible. Our goal is to use all of our own naturally grown produce in our fermented products. We also source other high quality, locally grown ingredients from the many fabulous farms of PEC, keeping our product as local and organic as possible!


As young farmers, we seek to live as sustainably and close to the land as we can. With the support of our community, family and friends; we can all grow together!

Jenna Empey has been farming organically for ten years now. At 18 she discovered her true love of agriculture after an organic agriculture apprenticeship program allowed her to work on over a dozen Quinte area organic farms in a single growing season.

Her choice of agriculture as a career has led Jenna to work on many farms in the Prince Edward County area, throughout Canada and internationally.

Jenna’s love and fascination with fermentation came as a natural extension to working with food. With a desire to feed people healthy foods, she pursued and fine-tuned the traditional art of fermentation which has now become a healthy obsession. As the head fermenter and grower for Pyramid, she is seeking to marry her loves of growing and fermenting by producing on-farm the majority of the vegetables and ingredients used in Pyramid Ferments.  She is always up for new challenges and learning opportunities.

After four years in Nova Scotia, Jenna has returned to her corner of Ontario to dig in and start Pyramid Farm and Ferments.

Alex Currie is originally from Nova Scotia and has decided to transplant himself into Prince Edward County as of Spring 2012. With a background in graphic design and traditional art, Alex is the man behind the curtains for the aesthetic of Pyramid Farms.

In Nova Scotia, he was part of a rather large community style garden and took up an interest in growing food to help feed himself and his friends. This has led him to Ontario to begin this new adventure known as Pyramid Farm and Ferments.