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What is Lacto-fermentation?*

Lacto-fermentation is the process that converts starches and sugars present in vegetable matter, into lactic acid. Lacto bacilli are a beneficial bacteria that naturally preserve food and directly supply your digestive tract with living cultures of micro flora and bacteria that are essential to digestion and nutrient absorption.

Lacto-fermentation is a traditional form of food preservation. Fermentation helps keep food in a natural way without the use of vinegar, sugar, high heat canning or artificial preservatives. This creates a live and cultured super food, rich in nutrients and enzymes.

Fermented foods are all around you! Yogurt, cheese, wine, beer, certain meats and sourdough bread are all commonly available fermented products.  Increase your knowledge and palate of fortified food with Pyramid’s fermented and cultured vegetables!

Health Benefits of Lacto-Fermented Foods*

– Lacto-ferments improve your digestion by delivering beneficial lacto bacilli to your digestive system. Lacto bacilli increase digestive health by inhibiting harmful bacteria and foodborne pathogens in your gut.

– Eating lacto-ferments stimulates and improves your immune system. 80% of your immune system is in your digestive system!

– Lacto-ferments helps to normalize the acidity of the stomach and stimulate the production of beneficial intestinal flora.

– The process of lacto-fermentation creates new nutrients in foods and increases the bioavailability of minerals and nutrients as well as increasing vitamin absorption.

*Resources from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig PhD


Pyramid Farm and Ferments practices the traditional art of lacto fermentation to create a high quality, handcrafted, local, raw and cultured product for you to enjoy.

Pyramid Farm and Ferments make many different and delicious types of brined vegetables and lacto-fermented Sauerkrauts, Kimchis, pickles and other seasonally inspired ferments. Using traditional and conjured recipes from all over the world we ferment with our own naturally grown produce, as well as other quality, locally grown and wildcrafted ingredients to create superior and satisfying fermented foods.

Go with your gut!