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Do you Ferment in plastic?

– No. We use only ceramic, glass and stainless steel fermenting vessels.

How long does the fermentation process take?

– Until they taste just right! It varies for each type of ferment so anywhere from days to weeks to months! Time is an essential ingredient.

Should I refrigerate my ferment?

– Yes. It is a raw and living product which has never been pasteurized. It will continue to ferment in the jar and cooler temperatures help to slow down the process.

How long will it keep?

– A very long time! Fermented products can last a year at minimum if properly stored and handled.

It looks bubbly, is it okay?

– Yes, it’s alive, perfectly fine and delicious!

Do you take your jars back?

– Yes please!

Tips to keeping your Pyramid Ferment delicious.

– Refrigerate it.

– Don’t eat out of the jar.

– Keep the vegetables under the brine. Exposure to air can cause some spoilage or discolouration.

– Every time you eat some ferment, use a clean fork or spoon to press the vegetables down under the brine again.

If you have any more questions feel free to email us!