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Penny’s Pantry and Pyramid Farm and Ferments are hosting a workshop on how to make your own Kombucha!

The workshop will be held at Penny’s Pantry at 10 Elizabeth Street, streetPicton (South ofStreet) on Tuesday, February 12th between 7:00 and 8:00 pm. The cost is $20.00+HST per person and will include an SCO BY ( Otherwise known as the Kombucha mother or starter culture) for everyone involved to take home and start their own batches.

Anyone wanting to attend the workshop should call Penny at 613-476-5635 or e-mail her at to reserve their spot.

Kombucha is a refreshing and healthy beverage made with fermented tea and sugar taken to improve your energy, boost your immune system and detoxify the body.It is an effervescent and live culture drink that helps to fortify your digestive system with beneficial and probiotic bacteria and microflora essential for healthy digestion.

Pyramid Farm and Ferments Kombucha is made with Certified Organic tea and sugar brewed with distinct and flavorful pairings of ecologically grown and wildcrafted herbs from our farm in Prince Edward County, ON.

Now you can learn to make your own!

In our workshop, you will be able to learn hands on how to brew your kombucha using your own SCOBY, how to add the proper measurements, how to add flavors to your kombucha and how to store and treat your culture properly.

We hope to see you all there and we’re excited to pass along this fun, refreshing and healthy brew to all that attend!