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New products! New “Farm Grown, Farm Fermented” Product line!

Pyramid Farm and Ferments is pleased to announce the launch of our “Farm Grown, Farm Fermented” product line. Each of the ferments in this line contains fruits, vegetables and herbs all grown here on our farm. We are excited about these new products. In addition to being high quality organically grown ingredients from our farm, these cultured foods are harvested from our fields and processed in to crocks within a few hours. This maximizes freshness, nutrient content and captures the flavours of the season within a jar!

Kombucha is another new product that we are pleased to offer. Our Kombucha is made with either organic black or green tea’s and organic sugar and then fermented with a living culture of yeast to produce a refreshing, slightly sour beverage that is both delicious and helps to detoxify the body. All of our Kombucha is flavoured with natural ingredients from our farm. For example our first run was flavoured with apple mint and raspberries or black currant berries. We also double the fermentation process with our drinks. The primary fermentation of tea and sugar is followed by a secondary fermentation of the natural sugars found in our flavourings, or with honey if the flavours do not contain a sugar of their own.

We’re very excited about the current state of our farm this summer. Our crops are producing well and we are very happy to be seeing the fruits of our labuor pay off. Check back for some more new “Farm Grown Farm Fermented” products in the coming months as new crops are coming in to fruition week after week.